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Knowledge of the heart and mind

The pressure to be extraordinary, to get done at least two best four things the same time, to be quick – because everything is prior and needed immediatly to be done, to learn fast, to have a degree, to look good while doing all above...

The pressure seems huge.

And because the ones around you are in this circle too, they project their fears, anger, hurry, uncounsiousness, comparison, responsibility onto you.

If you are fully in it, you can loose contact to yourself easily. In those moments it is so rare that people take a break, breath and feel.

This is the rush that I see in a lot of women and men and also in me.

The ego that kicks in in times like this, when you are overloaded and it runs crazy.

You bet what: It makes us feel worse.

Good thing is, we have the possiblility to get out of this cricle.

To reconnect with your center. To simply be and breathe. That you being yourself are enough.

Because you are extraordinary no matter what. You have all the time you need. You are great and inimitable. You are enough.

Working a lot lately brings me to the very core and importance of self care, of self worth and love.

I know deep down. It is a very deep knowing. To have faith.

The knowledge of the mind helps to do things, to work, to live – and stills it is endless to fill up.

You need just one minute a day to pause and connect.

It is simple as that.

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