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Love and Infinity


One of the first moments that I remember was lying midst mountains of white fluffy feather duvets and cushions, beside me my grandpa. Feeling loved and protected. Thank you, grandpa.

Entering the ballet room. Being covered in this specific smell, the electric vibration, grace, movement and lyric. Every time I touch a ballet barre I feel home.

Being in nature. It is endless, full of freedom, clear, full of respect . As if I can feel the grass growing, smell the air and taste it, to see the dance of the leaves in the wind, listen to the wisdom of the trees.

Riding on a horse in the woods, feeling his breath, warmth and heart beat.

On one of my discovery tours through the fields, I found this feral place – the ‚secret garden’ as I called it. Full of beauty, pure and honest. Full of history in the momentum.

Being on stage as a dancer or as an actor. Again the smell and this sweet, special atmosphere. Every night performing is filled with excitement, nervousness and flurry. Being in the moment, jumping in the unknown. To open and let the emotions, words, stillness flow, to tell the story. The beauty of the moment, that is so quickly over and the next is already awaiting. Being present, to trust, being safe in the vulnerability. To be awake and aware every second.

On a film set. Midst in all the bustle being centered and awake. Sometimes the words, the hush, the movement and the emotion seem louder and intense than ever.

Meditation and prayer. Deliberating and in contact with the depth. The allowance of all the feelings. Being grounded and flying the same time. To show and share all the anger, sadness, beauty, vulnerability, the fear, laughter and to listen. Without judgement, being in its purest form. Being full of energy. Path of love.

The moment when you enter this space as Sally Kempton describes so wonderful, ‘sweetness of the vastness’. Timeless. Being. Acceptance. Being held and loved by my beloved.

Sacred Space is trust, timeless, infinite, being, love, unconditional, nature, respect gratitude, magic and miracles, inner life force flowing, prayer, in contact to the divine, to G-d, the universe, existence, inner guide, mother earth, touching the sky and rooted in the ground.


by antonia bergman / space

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