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Same, same but different

A couple of years ago I visited an exhibition called 'Identiymetamorphose'

It made me think and question what is ‚Identity’ ?

The word originates in Latin: ‚identitas’ , which translates as ‚sameness’.

There is personal identity, social identity, cultural identity in psychology, sociology and philosophy.

So, if we look at the social identity: „a man loved only his relatives or friends – those to whom he had blood ties or with whom he shared identity.“ (S. Boteach)

Is it possible to free yourself from the imprint on all layers? To a certain degree, yes. The minute you start to fully take the responsibility for your life and your actions, than you fully start to create your own personal identity. Based on where you come from.

If you analyse your history, than you can decide, what from your background fits to you, belongs to your momentum and what you want to free and let go off.

If I stop focusing on the social and imprinted identity, then there is space and contact to my personal identity – on a consious and aware level.

As children, we need identity for sure. Otherwise we are lost. We need the guidance to learn and be protected.

Identity and traditions are of value, if they make sense to me.

Like a mirror image of our caretakers; how did they live the identity and traditions? How aware and honest were they with themselves? If it is a fear guided identity, it is limiting and dishonest.

So, it is good to question and doubt what our ancestors do and value. It is about finding yourself midst all the things that you identify with.

In our today life – fast and furious – unpersonal and digital – there are many identities.

And still many people seemed to be lost. They start to follow a path of yoga identity, spiritual identity, vegan identitiy and enviromental awareness identity…

Does social identity give you emotional stability?

Is it a fake identity, so that we just seem to feel safe?

Is this only the outer – social identity?

In all the tradition, is it possible to live a modern life?

I followed a lot of social identites! Now I can say, I needed it, to try out, learn, grow, understand and find out what is my personal identity. I figured out that for me, the outer social identity – no matter which one- does not give me the inner stabiliy, sense, safeness. And I am still on my way ;)

It is the deeper understanding and knowing. Without the mind’s interpretation.

Are the identity and tradition rules, commandments, offers constricting?

Or do they ground and give you the possiblity to get in contact with your intuition and your deep inner guide?

When I listen to my inner guide it tells me and I know. Deep inside there is peace, allowance, without judgement.

And my tools are tradition – one of them is meditation – practiced my way!

Maybe this is why just a few people live their personal identity. The social judgement is huge and it is comfortable to follow existing rules.

Feel the fear and do it anyway!

To become consious and aware, in which parts of your life you live your own personal identity and where you follow the outer and social identity. To differenciate and honest with yourself acknowledge if you are attached or dependent on the social identity out of fear not being accepted, loved or seen.

We all cannot deny our cultural identity.

Same, same but different!

In the internet I found following text:

The earliest recorded use of the law appears to occur in Plato’s dialogue Theaetetus:

Socrates: How about sounds and colours: in the first place you would admit that they both exist? Theaetetus: Yes. Socrates: And that either of them is different from the other, and the same with itself? Theaetetus: Certainly. Socrates: And that both are two and each of them one? Theaetetus: Yes.

A lot of people donot need to question. This is wonderful and good.

Very early I knew where to go and what I wanted to do. What I liked and disliked. I always questioned.

Very early I told my mother; that her beliefs and her ‚right and wrong’ categories belong to her only. And that she, please, let me do my own failure and experience, so that I am able to decide for myself.

Actually, identity should give you freedom to be, to free and clear your mind, heart and soul.

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